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ASMR Fantasy Review

There’s no better way to relieve stress than by being immersed in kinky porn, and our ASMR Fantasy discount is perfect for immersion. ASMR as a genre has become popular outside of pornography, but manages to integrate mesmerizing content with incredible POV sex scenes. So far, there have been 11 uploads, 8 of which involve passionate POV sex, whereas others have multiple models that satisfy one another whilst staring into the camera. Thankfully, the site’s part of the Adult Time network, so the girls in its content are none other but the most popular pornstars in the industry.

Mesmerising performances in each scene

On top of being uploaded in a crisp 4K quality, the movies last, on average, 35 minutes, which is more than enough time to introduce a gripping plot. One of the movies stars Ariel Demure, the gorgeous trans model, whereas the rest focus on cis women in kinky situations. Oftentimes, the plots revolve around massages and medical exams that quickly turn sexual, but some of them involve fauxcest, schoolgirls, and jerk-off instructions. What makes the videos on unique from the rest are the performances themselves, as they’re incredibly immersive and easy to get immersed in.

The price of a subscription

Members are expected to spend $29.95 per month for a subscription, but with our ASMR Fantasy membership deal, you’ll only have to pay $9.95! Despite the fact that the last update was in 2020, the membership also comes with 148 bonus websites that have a total of 60,000+ fantastic videos to watch. This allows users to not only save $20.00 on their membership fee but also have an ungodly amount of content to watch that’s uploaded each day. We also offer a yearly membership to those that truly adore immersive porn and variety that’s reduced by 75% and ends up being only $7.45 monthly.

A few final words is by no means a perfect site, but although it has its own problems, the membership makes it worth subscribing to. Sure, the library of ASMR videos is somewhat low, but we’d still suggest subscribing since you’ll get access to thousands of 4K videos that each focus on a specific niche. Whether you’re a huge fan of gentle whispers and raunchy sex or simply want to have the ability to switch between different genres, you’ll have a phenomenal time browsing through the site’s content and all the additional websites as well.

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