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Answering The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services do you offer?

We enjoy porn as much as everyone else on the internet, but since there are far too many websites to explore and subscribe to, things can get quite pricey. We offer a wide array of amazing discounts that give the average person a chance to experience the beauty of high-quality videos from both large popular and amateur porn companies.

How much will I be able to save?

Well, depending on which site you choose to explore, you’re going to be looking at a wide range of discounts. In general, large companies with a ton of content can oftentimes be on sale for more than 70%, whereas amateur websites with a focus on extremely rare niches tend to be around 25-50% off.

How long do the subscriptions last?

In general, the vast majority of sites offer monthly membership deals, but there’s also a good amount of those that offer extended subscription discounts as well. Medium to large-sized porn companies almost always have discounted yearly membership plans, but smaller studios also tend to offer 3-6 month subscription deals to satisfy their members.

Do the discounts come with free downloads?

Each website has its own rules when it comes to downloading its content, which is why we make sure to highlight a deal when it comes with included downloads. In general, most smaller sites don’t offer free downloads due to the possibility of pirating content, but large websites with enormous libraries that are updated on a daily basis oftentimes allow either limited or unlimited downloads.

Can my coupon expire?

Instead of giving out coupons that you’ll have to copy and paste, we simply offer a button that directly leads to the joining page with the discount already applied. It is extremely rare for a discount not to work, and the only times it won’t is when it’s expired and the sale timer runs out. Luckily, we refresh it as soon as possible with a new deal, so usually, you can refresh the page and, within a minute, see a brand-new deal available. If you have further issues with specific discounts, you’re more than welcome to contact us, and we’ll make sure to patch things up immediately.

In what currency are the subscription plans?

For the sake of simplicity, we list the prices in USD, whether the site in question is in the United States, Europe, or Asia. Some sites will require a conversion upon becoming a member, but all of that is done automatically, and the total price is still going to be displayed in USD.

Is my information going to be shared?

If you’re getting spam in your inbox, you can be sure it wasn’t from us because we never share personal information. The only thing you might receive, from time to time, are some sweet new deals for the hottest websites on the scene. That’s basically it, just some traditional newsletter that you can easily opt out of if, for some reason, you don’t want to receive information about huge porn deals.

How many discounts can I use?

The worst thing we could do is showcase the vast amount of gorgeous porn sites with breathtaking and unique content and then not let you join them. Since we have blue balls as much as anyone else, we don’t limit the amount of discounts you can use whatsoever. The only thing you should know about discounts is that after using it once, you won’t be able to continue using the same one repeatedly. That’s why we suggest taking the one-month subscription deal if you’re just looking to explore the site’s content and the yearly memberships if you genuinely adore the movies that the website provides.

What if I have a bad encounter with a website?

The best thing you could do at that point is to go directly to the site in question and contact their support. The contact information of most sites is usually located at the very bottom of the main page or in its “About” section.  Unfortunately, we’re unable to dictate how often websites update their content and in what quality they do so. However, we can help out if we mistakenly added the wrong price or made a mistake, so feel free to contact us as well.

How do I know if I’ll enjoy the site?

The first thing we suggest is reading a review or generally scrolling through the site to see what type of content it has to offer. If everything seems in order and you’re a fan of their work, head on over to our lists of discounts and find the site in question. Some sites can be quite sneaky with additional costs for bonus videos, so make sure to read the small print on the join form. The same goes when canceling your subscription; there are a ton of scummy websites, so read every little piece of information you can.

How do porn companies even make a profit with such sales?

The adult entertainment business is nasty and rough since the content has to evolve, be uploaded regularly, and stay relevant constantly. Large companies make a profit with their yearly subscriptions by keeping the people around for much longer and making sure that they’re the only websites they browse. Porn has been uploaded online for decades, so smaller sites tend to offer discounts to get into the spotlight. By catching the attention of new users with their deals, they’re given the chance to prove to them that they’re a much better option than the big Behemoths that have been in the business for ages.

What are ways that I can contribute?

If you truly adore our work, you’re already being of huge help by using our services in the first place. Spreading the word helps out a lot as well, so feel free to share us on social media or simply tell your buddies about all of the kinky sites and incredible discounts they can explore.