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Caught Fapping Review

If the idea of catching people masturbating sounds interesting, our Caught Fapping discount has the perfect videos for you. is a phenomenal website that’s part of the Adult Time network, and it focuses on loads of kinky plots. Since the site’s somewhat new, the number of scenes might not be impressive, but the quality makes them worth watching. Videos, on average, last around 15+ minutes, and they all follow a similar format in which a performer gets busted while masturbating.

One theme with many storylines

Although revolves around a somewhat simple plot, each movie has a unique story that unfolds. Some focus on naughty babysitters, whereas others can get much kinkier and introduce stepdaughters and stepbrothers into the action. All of the content is shot in a fantastic HD quality, and the people behind the camera make sure the viewers get to see every inch of the action, both in close-ups and wide shots. Sadly, the last update was a while ago, but to make up for its lack of content, we have some fantastic benefits to give to members who seek variety.

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Instead of paying $29.95 per month like other users, our Caught Fapping deal reduces that price down to a mere $9.95. As a member, you’ll not only save $20.00 each month, but you’ll also be able to stream movies from 148 additional websites for free. This makes it so that no matter how many videos you watch a day, you’ll still have new content to explore since most of the sites update daily. If you’re looking to be immersed in some phenomenal and kinky scenes, we suggest heading on over to, where you can also use our yearly membership discount and save 80% so that you only have to spend $5.95 monthly.