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FUTA Sentai Squad Review

There’s a reason hentai porn with futanari babes is always popular, and with our FUTA Sentai Squad discount, you’ll get to find out why so many adore it. This kinky series is part of the Adult Time network, and its focus is on showing the Western audience just how mesmerising hentai can be. Instead of using the traditional animations that are seen in Japan, FUTASentaiSquad.com uses 3D models and animates them flawlessly, whether the characters are in the middle of talking or having hardcore sex. As of now, there are 4 videos available, all of which focus on a futuristic story with 4 incredible futanari babes.

An immersive and gripping plot

Since nobody likes spoilers, we won’t be talking about the entire story, but what we can say is that the plot takes place in a dystopian future, and defeating the enemies involves lots of hardcore sex. The first two movies came out in 2021, while the other two were released this year, so the story isn’t finished yet, but there’s no known timeline on when the next scene will be uploaded. The 10+ minute videos have fantastic animations that are brought to life thanks to the 4K quality in which they’re uploaded. Everything from the erotic voice lines to the sound effects during sex is executed phenomenally.

Subscription that provides additional content

Becoming a member comes at a monthly fee of $29.95, but with our FUTA Sentai Squad membership deal, you’ll only have to pay $9.95! While saving $20.00 on a subscription, you also gain access to 148 bonus websites that are packed with stunning 4K porn of all categories that are updated on a daily basis. This allows members to enjoy some of the hottest pornography online as they wait until the next hentai scene is released. We also offer a year-long membership that’s discounted by 75%, which comes out to $7.45 a month.

Final remarks

The main flaw of FUTASentaiSquad.com is the lack of content, but thankfully the membership takes care of that issue by giving members enough high-quality porn to last them a lifetime. Overall, we’d recommend giving the scenes a watch whether you’re a futanari enjoyer or you’re simply new to the hentai space. The videos have gripping dialogue despite being short, and they’re very easy to be mesmerised by, thanks to the fantastic animations, kinky sound effects, and phenomenal dirty talking that follows throughout the scenes.

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