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Squirted Review

There’s nothing hotter than seeing hot girls squirt relentlessly during penetration, and with our Squirted discount membership, you’ll get access to the spiciest scenes online. Although everyone loves seeing beautiful squirting during intense sex, most of the videos online barely show wet snatches, let alone ones that squirt. Well, in this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at a site that’s realised the potential in providing content that solely revolves around extremely wet women who can squirt with ease.

Squirted.com is a phenomenal website that provides mesmerizing videos full of beautiful women who can’t stop squirting during penetration. Although the website currently has 36 videos available, the models that star in them aren’t amateurs whatsoever. Expect to see popular and amazing performers such as Lulu Chu, Coco Lovelock, Angel Youngs, Dee Williams, and many more babes while scrolling through the list of available scenes.

What movies to expect

Despite the last movie being uploaded in 2021, the site still has some variety to satisfy your needs. All of the movies are uploaded in Full HD and last around 40-45 minutes, but their scenarios vary. Some consist of a simple approach where the girls striptease and chat before being plowed, whereas others have more intriguing plots that revolve around teachers, maids, and even an interracial threesome scene is available. Most of the movies are filmed from various angles, but there’s a good amount of those that are shot from the POV angle, which adds to the overall immersion while watching.

Straightforward design with intuitive tools

Unlike other sites where the main pages are filled with banners and clutter, Squirted.com takes a much more minimalistic approach. Despite having only one banner on its main page and a wide array of animated thumbnails, the site’s still full of search tools that help members find their ideal scenes with ease. The lists of categories, the search bar, and the model index are all intuitively placed at the top of the page and function perfectly. On top of having the lists of videos that the models starred in, the model index also contains bios for each of the hotties that are available.

Different subscription plans and cost

Although the monthly Squirted membership comes out to $29.99, our Squirted.com deal lowers that price to $14.99! The $15 discount doesn’t come with any restrictions, so you’ll have full access to every video the site has to offer at a much lower cost with our deal. If you’re looking for something more reliable, we also have a yearly membership that’s discounted by 72% in total, which makes the monthly cost come out to a mere $8.33.

The beauty of squirting

Users are undeniably going to come across some flaws with the website, but thankfully, none of the issues are related to the quality of the content whatsoever. Each scene is mesmerizing and full of kinky positions that guarantee satisfaction. If you’re ideal pornographic movie contains under 100 lb girls being manhandled, we highly recommend checking out Squirted and all of its juicy scenes.

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