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Sis Swap Review

Swapping wives or girlfriends is fun, but with our Sis Swap discount, the only girls you’ll see getting replaced are stepsisters. Swinging and group sex have always had a place in adult entertainment, but nowadays, most videos are focused on fauxcest. Both categories are great, but the website we’ll be reviewing today does a fantastic job of combining the two genres.

As the name already suggests, revolves around pervy friends swapping their teen stepsisters and having incredible foursomes. Since the site’s part of the Team Skeet network, the models you’ll come across in the 61 available movies are some of the hottest babes in the industry. Although the library of videos doesn’t seem impressive, the site is relatively new and focuses more on quality rather than uploading sub-par content that’s not going to satisfy viewers.

Always a new kinky approach

The biggest issue websites that focus on niches have is keeping the content entertaining, but has done a great job at spicing things up. Despite each movie starting off in a similar fashion, the plot quickly thickens as either the boys or the girls start thinking of ways to initiate group sex. Although scenes begin with regular sex, throughout the foursomes, the teens eventually switch back to their stepbrothers and make things even more taboo than it was at the start. Scenes are shot in a variety of angles in excellent Full HD quality, and there are 2 new movies to enjoy every month.

Basic and simple to use

By having a minimalistic design, SisSwap makes it easy to navigate through the lists to find your ideal scene. The main page only has one banner and a plethora of large thumbnails, and the lists of movies and models are well organized. To add to the overall immersion, each movie has a well-written plot that can be read underneath the video player with ease.

Membership fees and payment plans

For $27.95, members gain full access for an entire month, but with our Sis Swap monthly membership deal, that cost is lowered to $9.95. Aside from saving $18.00 on your purchase, you’ll also gain full access to one of the naughtiest collections of stepsister porn online. If you’re a true fan of the step-family theme, you’ll definitely want an extended membership. Thankfully, we also offer a year-long subscription that’s discounted by 83%, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of great fauxcest to watch for a mere $4.79 monthly.

Size doesn’t mean everything

Although size matters in general, we’re somewhat glad that there aren’t many more videos to explore on If the site would upload much more regularly, the quality would drastically drop, and we’d hate to see a fantastic site like this get ruined by stale content and horrible acting. As it is now, the content is one of the best we’ve seen, especially when it comes to taboo group sex scenes, and we’d highly recommend taking a look if you love watching naughty stepsisters having foursomes with their perverted stepbrothers.

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